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The celiaescortamsterdam.nl website and other escort agency that renders escort services in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, and other cities in the Netherlands hereby inform you “the site user” that using our site and services is subject to written Terms and Conditions. These cover the rights and obligations of our clients and agency. Kindly read this page carefully before you order our escort services. Contacting us in any way and in any form (contact form, phone call, email, WhatsApp text) signifies the acceptance of or Terms and Conditions explained below: 


Celia Escort Amsterdam offers escort services for both genders, men, women, and other genders. You consent that you are 21 years and above before you can book our escort services or work with us as an escort girl. We created this site to satisfy the sexual urge and need for companionship of mature adults. Thus, Celia Escort Amsterdam is NOT responsible for any minor or underage trying to view the content of this site. 

Celia Escort License

Celia Escort Amsterdam if fully registered and licensed under the Chamber of Commerce in Nederland with the license number 2983435/2019-264

All the services we provide at Celia Escort Amsterdam are subject to 21% Value Added Tax.

Opening hours: You can reach Celia Escort Amsterdam 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Website: https://celiaescortamsterdam.nl/

Email address: celiaescort@yahoo.com 

Phone number: +31 (0) 634-434-464


It’s our utmost PRIORITY to guard and protect the personal information that our clients provide to us in order to render top-notch escort services to them. We treat the identity of every client with exceptional confidentiality and anonymity and the safety of their personal data is GUARANTEED by our agency and fully backed by Dutch Law. 

We require minimum personal data to enable us to serve you better. The information you share with us is only required for us to deliver the best escort services to you while ensuring the safety of our escort girls at the same time. 

In an event that you no longer want any of your data on our website, kindly contact us and we will delete it immediately. Kindly review our privacy policy to check what type of information we store and how we handle your data. For any inquiries regarding your privacy, feel free to contact us via our contact page or call us at +31 (0) 634-434-464  


All bookings must be made via our website and at least one hour in advance to ensure that your escort girl arrives early at your location. Typically, the arrival time is between 25 – 40 minutes depending on your location. 

However, clients can notify Celia Escort at any time through phone calls, email, and WhatsApp chat. To make reservations, clients must be lodged in a decent easily accessible hotel, personal residence, or Airbnb with befitting facilities for our world-class escort girls. No reservation in unhygienic places, or any secluded area that can expose our escort girls to dangers. 

No other person can be present during a booking unless it is a public place. 

Failure of any customer to comply with any requirements means he or she will be offered a one-time opportunity to rectify the issue and comply with the requirements within a stipulated time. The time wasted due to non-compliance is at the expense of the client and this will automatically lead to termination of the reservation without refund should a client fail to meet the requirement after the stipulated time has elapsed. 


The rate covers travel of up to 20 km. Any distance above 20 km requires additional payment negotiable with the Celia Escort agency. 

We offer reduced rates for booking longer than 3 hours. However, the discounted rate only applies when we have established an agreement with the client before or within the first hour of booking. 

If you are ordering an escort girl within 20 km of Amsterdam, then you can do so in a minimum of 1 hour. Anything above 20 km requires that the client book minimum of 2 hours.

Reservation must be canceled prior to our escort girls’ arrival, otherwise, no refund will be sanctioned.

The standard rate applies if the Client wishes to extend the reservation. There is an exception with an extension of up to 3 hours or more. Such extension will be regarded as a new booking, and as such subject to discounted prices. 

Travel distance up to 20 km: Travel costs are included in the rate. 

Travel distance 20 to 50 km: A surcharge of €30 applies. In addition, a minimum booking of 2 hours or more is needed. 

Credit/Debit Card Payments

All major forms of payments are accepted, including cash, MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, Tikkie, Crypto, and others. 

We offer utmost security on our payment gateways. Rest assured that your credit card details will not be saved unless you choose to do so for future transactions. Kindly note that there may be 20% surcharges for online payments.


While Celia Escort DOES NOT refund ideally, there are a few exceptions. However, those instances hardly occur. In that regard, the Client must supply us with the. Necessary proof to investigate. Kindly note that you consent to our terms and conditions the moment you book an escort girl from Celia Escort. 

Escort services cancellation by the Client

As a client, you have the right to cancel or reschedule reservations. However, all cancellations must be initiated for a minimum of 1 hour.

Cancellation Fee Policy

We offer zero cancellation fee when the escort girl is completely in contrast to what you see on the escort profile page. However, the zero-cancellation fee does not apply in the following instances: 

  • After 10 minutes of booking
  • The Client already undressed or touched the escort girl
  • The escort declined the booking because the Client’s hotel room is unhygienic
  • The Client’s request for styles and fetishes was not discussed prior to making the booking
  • Unruly behavior towards the escort girl and breach of our terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions for Intellectual Properties of Site Content

All our website content including written content, blogs, images, graphics, protocols, and HTML codes are copyright and sole properties of https://www.celiaescortamsterdam.nl On no occasion must be content be used, transmitted, or converted into electronic or other formats without the written permission of the site owners – celiaescortamsterdam.nl


https://www.celiaescortamsterdam.nl Terms and Conditions are subject to change without informing the Client. These could be due to changes in the Dutch Law and legislation guiding our escort services.